My own reality and the self check I’ve been avoiding

I started off “ok” this morning, much to the broken sleep I had. Yet even after a conversation with my best girl and laughing and catching up, plans discussed and meetings agreed to; I never left my home. The thoughts have been creeping in today, my own mind’s eye has been taking inventory of my self. 

It is much easier to focus on my cousin and his very recent death. Its been enlightening to be able to share what has been given to me, and know that maybe I can make a difference to someone in a positive and helpful way. . 

The feelings that I have been feeling are ones that I have told myself are not going to give me any answers, if anything they will cause me to spiral further down in a direction versus the fighting I have been doing to stay on top. Sean’s death on March 18, 2012, shocked me in ways I’m sure many can relate to. I spent all that time prior to his Celebration of Life service this past Wednesday, non emotional. I questioned my mortality, as I questioned how is it I have felt little in emotion and it took my Uncle’s anguish to truly feel his pain and realize the full extent of what has happened. 

I realized then that Sean really wasn’t coming back and that no matter how many times I wished him back, he wouldn’t be. That has left me very bewildered and confused, when I’ve thought of ending my life, I’ve never thought of what it would do to anyone else. When I’ve been in that space in my head, the dark black pit, it isn’t simply because someone turned the lights out, it is the point where if left to my own devices (at that time), I wouldn’t be here. I have my sister to thank for that, she drove me to the hospital and stayed with me the 9+ hours it took to get me registered and into a room, where I ended up staying for 16 days. 

My ED hasn’t gone anywhere, as much as I had hoped it would just quieted down, it hasn’t. I’ve spent most of today on links and sites trying to figure out what really my caloric intake is order for me to lose weight. My old pattern of not eating much, working out is no longer what works for me. 

I’ve had way too many dramatic changes in my life, that I feel like I’m slowly starting to make some changes that are for the better. Yet, the changes get trumped whenever something major happens and then all the work I have been doing for myself, ends up getting placed on the back or side burner. Sometimes I can mentally force myself to push through the negativity and focus on what’s good and important.

Today isn’t one of those days. 

All I’ve wanted to do is stay in bed (which I pretty much have), other than having a shower, change of clothes and some housework. The weather has greatly affected my mood today, but it has for many days. I have thought about what it would cost for a Sun Lamp but after googling that and seeing how much they cost, chances are unless I can somehow get the Ministry of Social Services and Housing to cover it, not likely to happen. 

So I am totally at a loss as to know if what I am feeling happens to be “normal” or not.


I wonder if I will ever know what it feels like to have an “off” day, but not have it carry on for days and days. I know that the work I am doing is for my betterment, yet when I have a major life event happen. It throws me for a serious loop.  

What is my coping mechanism for this?


Pushing thru the dark 

I know I have not been journalling.  

I can, like many of us, make a variety of excuses why i have not been but the one thing I can say is that my health has not been well. I just found out that i have IBS and now GERD/gastritis. It means a complete overall of my dietary foods. Realizing that I have an allergy to Dairy, Gluten, nuts ands. I am now following a program called FOBMAP which has been helping me learn. I have a lot to learn though.

I have realized through therapy that some issues I have today, my therapy with coping with my past is making me stronger. In some moments I am no longer afraid of saying something and recieving violence.

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Somatisation Session

I really don’t like it when I wrote my blog earlier and it went into WordPress space.

Therapy today was not easy and that is ok. I have come to see it is part of my healing process.

We used cognitive behavioral therapy to work on what’s inside of me. During my session I felt really nauseated and a heavy blackness in my diaphragm. 

I know its super important we talked through about telling myself that I am important and that I love me.
Sit with that for a moment,  look inside yourself what do those words do for you?

I have spent most of my life being an object instead being treated with genuine love and respect. Today I visusalized a gate opening around my heart. The feelings I felt were/are scared and unsure. Not surprising considering my head is what I have relied on.

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This entry is away for me to get whats stuck insife. See I self harmed yesterday. I haven’t done anything like this in a very long time. I felt I have had my emotions in a stronger place, but what this taught me is the importance of keeping incheck with yourself or at the very least reach out to someone.

My body has been telling through aches. pains and diagnosis of the impact that stress can do. The latest was a week ago with chest pains.  This has been an incredibly scary experience. The cardiac doctors are going towards muscular but I have one more test to do in August.

Relationships are tough. Mine is no different especially when there are outside factors involved. It has added to the above chest pains.

Friendships are not as easy as some would think. I have realized that I cannot make someone a priority if they cannot acknowledge me especially in a situation most friends and loved ones would.

Today my counsellor let me know my time with her is coming to an end. I admit it is upsetting but thankfully I have someone in my support team who has suggested a couple of places where i can hopefully continue my work on my mental health.

This has been one of the toughest patches I have gone through probably since my cousins suicide a few short years ago. 

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Assumption of What’s Wrong With You?

The months if not years have not been easy on me. It has taken months to understand whats been going on with my tummy, now it is my last migraine this past Tuesday which included problems w my speech.  It took me a lot to go to the ER because I have had to be there more than i would like.

So you see it isn’t just about my mental health.

Lately I recently became aware of the term Munchausin Syndrome. It means that basically I make up problems for attention.

Check out this link

This completely pisses me off that others who have decided to offer a diagnosis based on information they aren’t even qualified to diagnose!

I am quite aware of who I am and what my issues are.  You who judge my recent migraine as a “fake” because i tried to do a bit of a crossword to try to kill time, were you there? Did you know that I couldn’t get past 6 question? Did you think to ask if I wore sunglasses or better yet did you even ask what I tried to do at home prior to making the decision to go to the hospital?

My advice is stay out of my personal business. Don’t worry about me. I will be just fine!

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Barbed Wire

I am feeling very, very anxious. You have stirred up so much within me, the saliva that swirls around in my mouth, making me feel nauseous to the point that I can’t stand it.

The years of emotions, that you have pressed down with your wires and thorns have taken away my desire and ability to feel anything other than anger and rage. I don’t even know the last time I cried tears of happiness, let alone tears of sadness.

My fear is that if I take you away by cutting you with wire cutters, disposing of each piece one by one, rumor has it that little by little the buried emotions will come through. However, I can’t risk my BPD flaring so bad that I know I would  be put back in hospital and after 20+ years of staying away from there, this tells me that my fears are very real.

My therapist has said that my BPD doesn’t have to surface, and perhaps that is true, but I don’t see how that can’t be? I mean the biggest thing with BPD is the anger/rage and if you release the other emotions, as much as I would like to feel them, right now I can’t risk it.

So I am left trapped within my own self



Accept what I don’t have control of

During my recent therapy session I took what I have been struggling with and discussed how the feelings of abandonment are easily triggered.  I realized with help that a huge part of my past is what has continued in my adult life. Until I recognized that acceptance of my past is the only way to take control of my feelings.

Acceptance, sounds so easily right? Those feelings of hurt, anger, betrayal, denial all contribute to our emotions that we hang on to everyday. So I will be working on acceptance, learning to see the familiar feelings I feel when I become instantly angry and hurt. I realize it is going to take work, my therapist says to accept is one of the hardest things for anyone to do, not just me.

So what does acceptance look or feel like? Well I imagine it will be realizing I can discuss things without becoming angry or rageful. To start to feel my feelings as I have slowly started to do.  That discussions and thoughts aren’t simply black and white, which is one of the most common traits of BPD .

I may not overcome BPD completely, but I will continue as much as possible to heal the scars that have run my life. See inside all of us is a little person who needs to be nurtured. My desire is to learn when “she” starts stomping her feet demanding to be heard. Only to start to realize that the reason she comes out is because her needs weren’t met when she needed them most.

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Riding the wave of emotions

I have a mental illness… who doesn’t right?

The problem with my BPD is that my emotions are reactive or as some say “triggered”.  I have continually struggled with my “all or nothing” emotions or some would say “black and white thinking”.

So I go to therapy, I have for several years, I have learned so many helpful coping tools, yet when I am faced with the feelings of being abandoned whether it be friendships or something else, I feel incredibly hurt. Some people don’t react to things like this, some roll it off their back.  Some say step outside your safe box and meet more people, all of which I have done and do ok with it until friendships develop that are no longer acquaintances. Once change happens, it’s like I dove in head first and then “it” happens…… what I call the “shiny new toy” comes along and suddenly I am put aside as I am no longer “shiny”.

I have spoken to my therapist about this and I have tried distracting myself and it isn’t always easy.  Today those coping skills didn’t really do much and I have to accept that I am going to have those days. I am very familiar with the “all or nothing” feeling or “black and white” thinking. I have been told that emotions are like waves the key is to not get retriggered. I have yet to figure out how to “not” becomes retriggered.

So Sunday I sign off, I think  I need to blog more, this helped a lot.