Won’t you come and join us?

Yesterday we said goodbye to my cousin. He *was* a vibrant, loving, kind soul, who is clearly and definitely gone to soon. He suffered with mental illness, as do I. We both live(d) with Bipolar. 

My cousin’s service was so full of well wishes, accolades, family memories, friendships and experiences. 

Many friendships reinforced, families reconnected, emotions shared.

I learned from my Uncle as he spoke yesterday, his heart and soul broken at the loss of his son. That on April 28/12 an event in Sean’s Memory will be held. The even is called Mindcheck (www.mindcheck.ca) and will be held in Surrey, BC.

Mindcheck’s purpose is to encourage the early detection and intervention of mental health and substance issues in British Columbian teens and young adults. 

As I said to my Uncle yesterday as I hugged him, “I’m not going anywhere” and I meant it.


2 thoughts on “Won’t you come and join us?

  1. Not many people know that I suffer from depression. Not comparing myself to Sean, but in light of recent events I feel I need to share this. If I am able to, I will be there!

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