So long as I lose

that mean voice stays quiet. After one week on the HCG program I have lost 5.5 pounds and 4 inches. I still have about 30lbs to go, but I’m pleasantly surprised at the results after one week. It hasn’t been hard to follow the suggestions to eat on this program, since I actually like eating most of the fruits, veggies and/or meats and the different recipes. 

However, I have been really sick this week, and after a blunder with the walk in clinic (which I will never do again), to the hospital emergency/trauma center, it took my family doctor to give me the final verdict as to what I have. Turns out not only do I have a sinus infection, but my entire ear, including Eustachian tube, ear drum and outer canal are infected! He has added another medication for me to use on my ear. I will be following up with him as I am still concerned about damage to my ear drum. 

I think, I’m going to take it easy for a while…..