Ears and Negligence

So I went to see my family doctor today for a follow up. Seems my ear is 50% improved in healing (thank god). He did say that the total healing is going to take some time. Not sure how I feel about something taking time. As it is, I have balance issues, wobbly legs etc. Better hope no cop asks me to ever walk a straight line, I’d fail just on that alone!  As to how I will come out of this, my doctor isn’t sure, when I inquired as to any hearing loss, he said that is entirely possible. Naturally this has me concerned and worried. My BPD already starting to trigger up all kinds of negative words. I’ve so far been able to abide them by telling myself that I know what actually happened and that my thoughts are just that….. thoughts!

I have filed complaint charges against the Hospital for a few reasons, one namely patient care. Try to imagine being in extreme physical pain, and being ignored, because the suspicion is that you have a general ear infection…. possibly by ear wax build up. NOT! 

I have started the process of inquiring as to the Complaint process with the College of Physicians and Surgeons as well as I have contacted the Walk In Clinic where I first went to before the E/R. I will be calling the office manager in the morning as that is the person who I am to call and file a complaint with. 

This experience has taught me a lot. It has taught me that our medical system is completely maxed to the point that patients requiring urgent care, risk not being seen due to having one doctor, perhaps 2 on night staff til a certain point, thereby after a period of time, only one doctor to tend to a full room full of patients waiting to be seen, or in different stages of recovery before leaving. I had even seen a few patients staying overnight in their triage room. I did see two people in the hallway on beds. It is one thing to see it on the news, it is another to see it for yourself. 

I felt judged and isolated in my experience of waiting for a medical doctor to take my concerns seriously. I recognize there are patients who need attention right away. However, I was there, and without knowing each persons personal history, I’d say most if not all were well under control. So why did it take so long for someone to take me seriously? I had to endure 6 hours of agony, fear, emotional and mental negligence.  I had to walk in laps around the triage room of the E/R to escape the muffled cries of a toddler could be heard as he was having his blood drawn. I, in my agony couldn’t stand to stay in my “over flow room” because his cries pierced my ear so badly that they were echoing his cries and the voices of everyone with him. 

No human being, should have to endure undue care and attention at the hands of medical professionals. 

I am now left with anxiety and fear every day since Wednesday, April 11, 2012 that I may in fact be left with a permanent disability that had there been a prompt response, could have been avoided. 

Tell that to my anxiety, BPD and Bipolar, they don’t know any different, if anything it is just another avenue to fuel various thoughts, feelings and emotions.