April 28/12 – In Sean’s Memory!

A couple of weeks ago, I had shared about my cousin Sean’s death by his own hand on March 18, 2012. Its been a road of many emotions and at times challenges for everyone that knew Sean. I did a blog on an upcoming event  https://sexyonthedarkside.wordpress.com/tag/mindcheck/ and am attaching it as a refresher. The location and now the listing of who will be there, and what’s happening is here https://www.facebook.com/events/355706714466051/. For all you sports minded friends Kirk McLean will be doing autographs and all donations will be sent in Sean’s name with the proceeds going to http://www.mindcheck.ca.

It would really mean a lot to not just myself, but to my family and friends. As well we want to get the word out to everyone that anytime you feel depressed or anxious, that you aren’t alone! That there is support out there, and the first step to knowing that, is to help get the word out. 

Thank you!