Self Sabotage

Those of you who resonate to this blog piece today most likely know what this title means. 

I’ve been doing the HCG diet program for 19 days now, I’ve lost 11 pounds as of yesterday and 9.5 inches as of last Thursday. Sounds good, right? Well I’ve noticed that the last day or so, I’ve started to wander into the “eh it won’t matter, what I do” category. I don’t know why I do this, other than that I truly believe I am not worth the benefits of losing this weight . 

What a battle I wage within my mind. Something so ingrained that believes I am not worthy of better health. Today is a fight to stay on track, when really it shouldn’t be. I’m doing this for me, I’m wanting to drop this weight because I must, for my own health, yet I am fully prepared to fail, because that is all I know how to do! 

So I have decided to make a conscious effort to use my Wise Mind today. Instead of beating myself up, I chose to post on my weight loss forum about what I was feeling and I received some positive feedback, which helped me to get back on track. I also had some government documents I have had to get caught up on, and usually just push it aside, well I just got those done and up to date.