Party for the Planet –

ImageThis what everyone has been talking about!

Well the day had finally arrived! Today we were going to see everyone who has been working on getting this project off the floor. A lot of work has gone into this! 

We get there around 230ish and people are all milling about getting their booths ready for when the site opens up around 3-330pm.

A stage has been set up and one of the bands Down With Webster, a Canadian Rap Band, who when it came time for them to perform, rocked it hard! 

Once our booth was all set up, which by set up I mean there was a silent auction, raffle ticket draw for an original Kirk McLean autographed jersey, 8 x 10 photos of Kirk McLean as well as a Free draw for the 1994 photo of Trevor Lindin and Kirk McLean! Lots of props for our Canuck Boys!

Onto the more serious topic at hand, that being Mindcheck and the reason my family and I were all there. Today was the first of two days of having donations made in Sean’s memory to Mindcheck. Anything over $20 and a person received a 8 x 10 photo of Kirk McLean signed. Anything under $20 and a person received a package of hockey cards (which by the way were sweet cards!). 

I met a variety of people, some shared their personal experiences around loved ones who had passed away due to suicide. I also had met others who worked for or were staying in Recovery houses in our local area. I met a wonderful group of people who work for a company whose purpose is to ride up and down the transit line providing support to our youth and young adults who are homeless and living on the streets. We all exchanged information and pamphlets to one another, all in the name of getting the word out.  It made me feel so alive to know that there is support out there, that sometimes it isn’t as easy as just one group of individuals getting out there to support one another, that anything is possible when you work as a team.

I’d like to share a story about a young man I met. I will call him C. C came up to our booth inquiring about everything, at one point I was asked to speak to this young man, which I did quite happily. I could see right off the bat, that C was a very charming young man, whose speech was challenged but if you focused you could make out what he was wanting. So I chatted with him and we talked about his amazing white Fedora hat that happened to match his jacket and the rest of his outfit. :). He decided he wanted 6 raffle tickets for the signed Kirk McLean Original Jersey. So I got that taken care of for him. He told me later that he had a brain injury but that “everything was still upstairs” to which I laughed and smiled. I already knew that C was very intelligent and that he also had an amazing sense of humor! 

After a bit, he went for a walk around and awhile later he came back to talk to me. I knew right away I had made a friend and it was simply because I took the time to listen to him. How many times have you listened to someone? I mean really listen? We talked about food and what he wanted to eat, yes something so simple as food. 

Much later upon his return he asked my cousin if he could borrow his phone to call for a ride? I asked him if he wanted a Handydart or his home? He said he would like his home, so my cousin gave me his cell and I called for him. His father answered and I gave him the information that C had provided.  Not long after he left to meet his ride. 

Sometimes, even with our own disabilities and troubles, it is amazing how something as simple as a smile and conversation can make the difference in someone else. This happened to be a young man, who although now quite different that he once was, still made the effort to communicate and talk with someone, when normally he had said he usually is at home, in his room watching tv. 

That alone, made my day and my cousin Sean’s memory that much more valuable than it already was.