My name is Lucy

I had originally written a post called She’s Learning to Trust and as soon as I attached a photo, I lost my post. Now I could be annoyed and upset, but to be honest, I think I will apply my Wisemind and choose to write a new post to instead. 

I met with the rescue organization yesterday and the facilitator for our Canadian location. We had been talking for a number of weeks and when we met it was like we had known each other for ages! 

She is described as a Rat Terrier/Chiuaua ~spelling~ She is 3 years old, and has been through a lot. Yet, from my experience, Lucy is definitely more Jack Russell Terrier than anything else. Her eyes are soft and sweet, with black around them, reminding me of eye liner and mascara :). 

When I saw her online, I instantly knew I had to have her. Her eyes remind me of Jasmine, Blaze’s mom. 

Imagine my heartbreak when I learned that she had been pregnant when delivered to the kill shelter in Fort Worth, Texas and full term :(. The vet that did the surgery spayed her, and of course killed the babies. I noticed this morning that Lucy has some weeping at her “what I call hatchet” incision site. She was spayed April 19th and I suspect her teets would have been engorged with her milk. 

She isn’t housebroken, and has only had 2 accidents. I make a point of taking her out every time she wakes up from a nap. She is eating and drinking water as well as she has adapted to her new name of “Lucy” in less than a day! 

Blaze is coming around, but has been so good about everything. I knew he would be, but I am conscious of him.
I got very teary yesterday when I had Lucy in my car. It really hit home that Rizzo is not coming back and that Blaze is now the Alpha leader. I guess there is always a part of you that quietly wishes that things didn’t have to change. That same wish I think is the root to being BiPolar/Borderline. 

This is the condensed version of her life, she really does have a heart of gold, she will take a while to trust, as she was left outside and forgotten a lot. But I know in my heart there is a reason why she is with me, we are going to grow and learn to trust together. I will teach her what I have learned and she will show me that the love she has to give will be given to Chris and I as well as my fur pack. 

Thank you Lucy for showing me that no matter what she has been through, the power to want to be loved, truly does exist. This is a testament that a lot of humans, including myself, would benefit from adapting to, thankfully, I may be guarded sometimes, but watching this beautiful dog embrace the opportunity to live a full life with a loving family, who am I to stop her from showing me that all obstacles are possible to overcome?