Mood Stabilizers

There have been a few things I have learned this past week, one of which was yesterday at my doctor’s appointment. We are going to put me back on a night medication for my mood. I had told my doctor that my moods have been really all over the place, and I don’t like it. I never know when I wake up how I will be, I also am not a fan of feeling stuck inside my house constantly. I don’t stay because I want to, sometimes I stay because it feels safer at home. 

I took my new medication last night/early this morning. Yea, that’s the other thing I’m having issues with right now; sleep or going to bed at a decent hour. I’m really lucky if I am in bed before 1-2am lately. I have wondered if this is also a contributing factor towards me not wanting to do much, other than my scheduled appointments and weekly therapy appointments. 

I noticed this morning when I did wake up for the day, that I wanted carbohydrates; the very thing that being on Serequoel did to me and I gained weight while on it! I am right smack in the process of losing weight, as of 2 weeks ago I had lost 20 lbs, I’m about 17lbs lost at this time. I am on a break right now, I saw that my body had plateaued and so I am giving it the break it clearly needs, otherwise it thinks the weight I am presently at is “ok”, which it isn’t. I would like to finish my goal of losing another 20lbs to be closer to my “normal” weight before my surgery and before I gained the post medicine weight. 

My moods lately have felt flat, then anxious and then angry. I think the anger is triggering from my weekly group sessions, I know it is because of learning new ways of thinking and my mind feels like it is split in half – one way thinks one way and the other side wants to try out the suggestions. Not so simple~!

I will give the mood stabilizer a chance, and I will definitely keep an eye on the carbohydrate craving. I simply cannot regain the weight I just have lost.