The Week of June 3 – June 10, 2012

Its been an interesting week. I’ve been doing a lot better with getting outside to use the yard for my bathroom. Mama and I have been working on a word “bathroom” and when she says that to me, I go to the door and we go outside.

Earlier in the week we went to spend the night away from home with one of mama’s friends. He was a nice man, kinda scary at first. Mama wondered if it was because it was a new place and a different smell. Before long, I was listening to mama’s friend and he even let me off my leash to go outside! Poor mama! She was nervous and scared I would run away…. but I didn’t. Mama’s friend J called my name twice I came right in and he gave me lots of love and pets. I was so proud!! I even got to go on his bed! Mama said that was a “big deal” because J doesn’t like pets on his bed, not even his cat! *snickers, silly kittty*

I’m still not crazy about going for walks past our house. It just seems to scary with cars that are coming home in the neighborhood as well as other pets.

Did mama tell you that I now know what a squirrel is!! My word I gave a run for the barks with Blaze LOL. Look here’s a picture!Image

This morning mama noticed that my spot where I had my surgery is infected! It hurts so bad too, I keep licking it and mama doesn’t want me to. She put this stuff on it to help clean it out, she said it was hydrogen peroxide and then she put a towel on it and wrapped me up in my thunderstorm jacket. I felt snuggly and warm so I went to bed and slept for awhile.

She wrote a letter to the people who helped get us together and attached a picture of my tummy.


Well for now, we will leave it this, mama says we will do another entry maybe later tonight or tomorrow.



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