If only it were that simple

I was surfing a popular social networking site I belong to (no not Facebook), and I saw his quote

Change the way you look at things and the things you look at will change!

I became very uncomfortable as I read the quote several times and the best answer I could come up with was

If only it were that easy

As someone who lives and breathes BPD, and the daily struggles of wanting to understand and process being in the present, being mindful, being accepting, seeing that quote above made me feel as if the quote was making a jab at many who suffer with mental illness. The classic “aw you can push through it; it’s not so bad” attitude.

Every Tuesday for the last 9 weeks, has been the first time I’ve strictly worked on this diagnosis. Not bits of pieces of areas surrounding depression, anxiety, chronic pain, the list I’m sure could go on and on for many of us. The first few sessions, my head was a haze as I processed the first real opportunity to work on what is really at my roots. I realize and recognize now that there is a possibility that I could overcome this, and live a free life with BPD in remission. Unfortunately there is no cure for mental illness. What there is, is education, understanding and hopefully connection. I’ve been at this “healing” for so long, I’ve always questioned whether I will ever be normal. That when I wake up each day, that my mood won’t change as often as it does. There is no guarantee.

When I read quotes and comments like I did today, some really hit me hard, and some make sense. Yet today without even knowing it, the quote hit a spot with me. It hit an area of really wishing there was a way to get people to understand that simply stating to change the way you look at things were really that simple. Sure it is a recognition and I do recognize that when a person chooses to make change, that only then can change start. But I also recognize that for some people, it really isn’t as simple as that.

“They were not perfect, but they were my friends. Some I’ve seen… Some, never again. But there isn’t a day my heart doesn’t find them.” ~Susanna, Girl Interrupted



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  1. Sometimes I think these folks use that more as an excuse to look down on others than as a motivation to improve their own lot. I lump them in the same category of people who say that if you just turn it over to God, all will be well.

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