Exercising and Mental Health


I’ve started last week with going to my local recreation center and using their equipment.

http://www.tol.ca/Parks-Recreation/Recreation-Centres/W.C.-Blair-Recreation-Centre I feel lucky in that I applied for funding for the Ministry in paying for my exercising as I can’t afford over $40 for 10 visits or $79 for 20 visits.  I do like where I go as they have a ton of things to offer, its clean and the staff are friendly. 

I also learned yesterday that my digital scale at home has been weighing me heavier than the “old school” scale that you see at the doctor’s office, so that made me pretty happy lol.. My boyfriend has been going with me, he loves to use weights and cardio and they have a separate area for that. He said that it is laid out really well and he feels he gets a great work out. 

Mentally, I felt like I was on a “high”. I had an excellent cardio workout, for 30 mins. and the caloric burn. I had forgotten what that “high” feels like. Mentally, I am feeling very conscious of my body, my mind and my spirit. I also recognize that the sunshine and good weather has certainly been helping as well.

I also saw a g/f on the weekend, who although is training very differently than I. She is actually working out as often as I once did. Her body definition is amazing! I now have more inspiration to get my weight loss turbo started again. I don’t want to gain the weight I’ve already lost, and I still have a good 20lbs left to go. We have already been changing our food intake to be more of protein with fruits and vegetables. So glad that its summer time and my garden is growing beautifully! 

I do understand the importance of exercising and how it benefits mental health. I know I need to be careful of obsession, as that is something I’ve always been when it comes to exercising. But for right now, I want to focus on my health, and losing the last of my weight I gained. I want to be the trim woman I’ve always been. 

With group not happening for another 2 weeks or so, this activity also gives me something to do in place of my weekly sessions. The great weather also is an encouragement for me!



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