Strong Person Award

I would like to thank a Day In the Life of a Busy Gal for bestowing this honor. I’d also like to thank  The Quiet Borderline for creating an Imageaward for all the blogging mentalists out there. Both of you are inspirations to me!

Here are the rules for accepting the Strong Person Award:

1. Make sure to add in the text (below) and image (above) to spread the love and add how little or how much you want!

You heard me right! You are not weak, you are strong. You are not a failure, you are a fighter! This goes out to all mentalists. And it’s a gift from The Quiet Borderline to you all – Please spread the love. Mental health is not something to be sneered at and it deserves much more respect. Stop the stigmatizing.

2. Name your diagnoses – Stand loud and proud! You can tell us a little about them also if you’d like. How you’re affected by these diagnoses and how you are fighting your way out of them. (see below)

3. Add a photo of yourself, or some abstract picture that represents you, anything you like! (below)

4. Send this on to as many, yes, as many, people that you like. It can be five, ten, fifty. (below)

I have a diagnosis of Borderline Personality Disorder; diagnosed in 2010 after many years of being told I had chronic depression and anxiety. Once I had the proper diagnosis, everything started to make sense to me.  I’ve been in therapy for over a year now and am starting to see slow improvements.


Finally to present the award to as many deserving mentalists as possible – first of all I want to say if you haven’t yet received this award or are not on the list below then please accept this award for yourself now as well, it is for all of you! :D