Finally, there is an answer!

So I got my blood and saliva results from my naturopath today.  I’ve been struggling as most of you know for over a year since I had my total hysterectomy. Well now I know why I have gained the 35-40 pounds, my emotional ups and downs (its not only just from my BPD although that has certainly added to my problems). Turns out I have adrenal fatigue!

My blood work and saliva tests showed that my testosterone is very low hence no libido and my emotions being more of a super short fuse (anger and frustration mostly) and I have far too much estrogen in my body, that includes taking Premarin. I told my naturopath today about how angry I have been, and that there are times where I wake up in the morning just full of rage and frustration. When I try to figure out why, I have absolutely no answer! She knows about my BPD and the healing I have been working on through therapy. 

My T3 reverse test (it is done via blood draw) has been storing versus using energy, hence the weight gain! My T4 is excellent (which as she explained, is WHY my family doctor didn’t do the blood test for the T3’s etc, that and our medical system no longer covers that test UGH! As my boyfriend said, “you mean you may not have had to endure the difficulties you have, on top of dealing with living with a mental illness, if the government covered a simple blood test?” I said, seems so! Thankfully my DHEA is good, my AM Cordisol is good but my evening Cordisol test is very low.

So we are going to start with using the Premarin every other day, til I am weened off of it and then I will go on a bioidentical compound. I also have NO progesterone, so I have a bioidentical compound that I will use on 3 spots of my body every night (wrists, inner arm, and inner thigh). I will be eating nothing to do with whites, so no sugars (yuck anyways lol), no white rice, pasta, breads. I have to eat a lot of dark leafy green veggies etc.. 

As for how long til I feel like myself, she said it will take awhile. But I am far more hopeful than I have ever been, as this also helps my mental state as well, in terms of understanding. If anyone else can relate, just to let you know you aren’t alone ♥


4 thoughts on “Finally, there is an answer!

  1. Last year I had simular problems during my menopause. I had an adrenal fatigue as well and suffered from depression and stress, palpitation, tiredness a.s.o. I had to change my whole personality, so it seemed to me, my eating and my whole lifestyle. It was very tough for me, but now I can manage myself more and I have more peace with who I am now, but I must be very attentive that I don’t go over my limits.
    Thank you for sharing your story 🙂

    1. Thank you @angelswhisper2011 for your reply. It helps me a lot to know that someone other than myself has experienced what I am. Ever since I learned of the results, I have been much more focused on what goes into my body and making the changes necessary. I admit it isn’t easy at all, but I have to believe it will be worth it.

  2. @Sunnyjane, I can see why you would be wondering, honestly it doesn’t hurt to have it checked out. Mind you if you have a naturopath, that is the best way to go.

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