Personality Disorder Test

I saw this test done by a fellow blogger and thought I would see where I am at. 

Your Personality Disorder Results:

Disorder Rating Information
Paranoid: High more info | forum
Schizoid: Moderate more info | forum
Schizotypal: Very High more info | forum
Antisocial: High more info | forum
Borderline: Very High more info | forum
Histrionic: High more info | forum
Narcissistic: Moderate more info | forum
Avoidant: Very High more info | forum
Dependent: High more info | forum
Obsessive-Compulsive: High more info | forum

Take the Personality Disorder Test

Remember learning about your disorder helps you better understand yourself. 

Be well and have a great Tuesday!


2 thoughts on “Personality Disorder Test

  1. how do you feel about your results? Do you think that the test is accurate? I am not quite sure about mine. Plus another blogger and me were thinking about how much our meds might influence our answers.

    1. I think mine are quite accurate. I wanted to see where I am in regards to healing and recovery. I don’t think your meds would influence your answers, but that is just me.

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