Feeling Overwhelmed

I was originally going to do a blog on alternative therapies and food choices. But, I have been coping with having a major anxiety attack since I got home from my acupuncture appointment. 

I realized earlier this afternoon, as I was making beef stew from scratch, I was feeling anxious and overwhelmed. Not because I was alone (my boyfriend is working tonight), but because my dogs were getting into mischief and here I am trying to make tea, cut up meat and veggies and deal with dogs acting up. Usually this doesn’t bother me, I get through most things with ease, its just what I do. As I’ve always had to. 

Now its the cat, she’s been in heat and crying incessantly. Looks like she is finally nearing the end of her cycle, which means we will be able to get her fixed soon. *wipes brow*.  My dogs all know something is wrong, they are surrounding me where I am sitting. I know they all mean well. Sometimes it is just hard. 

I’ve lit a candle, had some herbal tea, I turned the tv down low, as I find I am extra sensitive to sounds, especially if the are loud. My breathing is shallow, I keep taking deep breaths, but I know it isn’t going to fix whatever has me overwhelmed. I don’t want to go to the hospital, sitting for many hours waiting to see someone, only to be given a pill.

I hate this feeling! I feel like I have to rush everything!! So I can go back and sit down, wrap myself in my blanket, rocking and forth. 


ImageA hug would do wonders right about now :(.




2 thoughts on “Feeling Overwhelmed

  1. I hope that by the time I am reading this, that things have gotten better. I know the feelings you describe all too well. It seems that animals(little children too) know when we are having anxiety. They can smell it a mile away (((hugs))). Hope the rest of your weekend goes well xx

    1. Thank you so much lala1966. I am feeling a little better, I just had a shower to wash away the negative energy. My hope is that today will be better. I hope your weekend goes well for you too xo

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