So Exhausted and Angry

I woke up this morning and the words were firing out of my mouth before any notion of “stop, think, and breath” could even be established. How am I supposed to get a grip on my temper, if I can’t even stop it before it even starts? 

I’m so tired, even if I make myself go back to bed, I wake up the second or third time more tired than had I just stayed awake. 

I’m finding myself more angry as each weekly session at group is coming and going. I really feel like my true work is only beginning, and now its going to come to an end. I did see on the referral board a list of psychologists and counselors for my area. So did a further search to see if anyone deals with Borderline Personality, I found 1, that’s it! So much for having choices, I hope this person gets back in touch with me. I did send her an email contact as was suggested on her site.