Pushing to get what you need

I have been waiting since Friday to get my refilled medication. I am on Effexor XR and have been for years. My physician usually just refills and re-faxes it back to my pharmacist, I go in and pick it up… done deal. 

Holy Hanna, I have been back and forth between the pharmacist and my doctor’s office this morning, all for me to get this refill sent! I called on Monday to the pharmacist, realized that Monday was a statutory holiday in lieu of Remembrance Day. So the pharmacist gave me an emergency dosage for one day; saying they would follow-up with my doctor’s office to get the script faxed back. 

Well I followed up again with the pharmacy, nope, nothing has been done! Now I realize that people get busy, it happens. But this is a refill prescription! It is in my chart, there is a history of it in the computer at both offices! 

I called my doctor’s office and spoke with who I assume was either the receptionist or an office manager. We go back and forth, me with asking questions as to how long it would take Dr. C to sign the request and fax it back. The answer I got back astounded me. 

“No, he works”

I couldn’t believe I just heard that! I said to the person on the phone

“to not be disrespectful, of course he works”

The conversation goes on a bit more and suddenly she mentions that my request can go on the top of his pile and hopefully that will get it taken care of. Good I am thinking, progress…..


Dr. C’s office calls me back saying they have no fax request of my prescription! I’m seriously pissed now, I call the pharmacy, they have a timed stamp of it being sent and say they will resend it and put 2nd request on it. Once again, I call the doctor’s office and ask for L. I mention to her that a 2nd request has been faxed. She asks me if I would like to hold and she will see if it has come through. Of course I want to hold! She comes back saying she has it in her hands and will now put it on the top of his pile of work to go through. 

Seriously, did I just chase a prescription?




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