New Beginnings

Tomorrow I meet with my therapist. She has given me some “homework” to do. One is to read a book called The Borderline Personality Disorder Survival Guide. I’ve started reading it and I do ok for a little while, then I find I have to stop. I get uncomfortable. So I will read some more today and see how far I get. 

Yesterday I went and had some acupuncture. I find it really helps my moods and energy levels. I’ve been having a lot of hormonal headaches which would be from the bio-identical estrogen we have had me using. We have decided to cut it again from 1/2mg to .25mg., it simply means I am very estrogen sensitive. So today I figured I would give the 1/2mg a go after having a treatment to see if that helps, combined with the b12 injections I received at the base of my skull. See B12 helps with reducing muscle swelling at the base of my skull, I call them the “O” muscles (occipital).

I do have a bit of bad news though…. Seems the DBT program that I have been wanting to get into, I learned on Friday that I had been discharged because I have been offered the program twice and I wasn’t able to take it due to being in SAFE! OMG I was livid! No one told me about the two strike rule, everyone on both mental health teams knew (or I was positive they did) about me living where I do, going to the DBT program as the SAFE program wasn’t available, so I was encouraged to do one until the other became available. Little did I know that living between two municipalities would cause me such problems as it apparently has. :(. 

The conversation with the DBT program coordinator was she would call my mental health program coordinator at SAFE and see if there is any way they can get me onto the list to start this program. I know me and I know I am no where near ready to live without any mental health support. I am very anxious about this. 

Another program that works solely on DBT, but isn’t covered by our medical plan where I live so not only am I on a waiting list til the new year; but to attend a 2 hour group session weekly for 26 weeks is $95 each session. 

I am, grateful that I have met my therapist, that I do like her and she is proactive with working with me.