Frustrated and so tired

Today is a very and I mean very bad day for me. Someone recently said to me, “oh its cuz of the Season”. I said umm no, it isn’t just that…

I am finishing up my 30 weeks of therapy in about 3.5 weeks and have just found out that no one from the group therapy services I am attending has ever had a patient go on to DBT. For those that don’t know what DBT is it stands for Dialectical behavior therapy here is the Wikipedia link

The DBT program I was on a wait list for, closed my chart because I was attending Group Therapy Services programs in my home town. (Coping with change, Anger Management, Stress Management and SAFE). In order to even be considered again, I have to be re-referred by Mental Health (who I have called today). Then be put back on the wait list which is a minimum 6 months waiting…. In the meantime if I want to take an Interpersonal Group Therapy, I have to be referred by my family doctor, as it has a psychiatrist who runs the program. The psych. will see me for about 2 hours, along with the referral from the therapist I have been doing SAFE with she has already referred me to this program.
Interpersonal Group Therapy is a 16 week program, 3 mornings a week and the wait list is 2 months. If none of these happen, then I can go back to Group Therapy Services where I am presently, and be referred to either Women Survivors of Sexual Abuse or take another 30 weeks of SAFE.
I am really upset by all of this as I was not told that if I did SAFE I would lose my spot on the wait list for DBT and I am no where near ready to be without mental health support.