Mastery, Ceaseless Striving, Giving up and Letting Go

This was what we worked on today in group. I learned today that choice of words makes all the difference for me. I do not like the words “Acceptance or Letting go”. I am good with Forgiving. I’ve always been conscious of tone and delivery, yet I have never acknowledged the type of words used to describe something.

I found today that the word Acceptance under the quadrant Letting Go.  For some deep ingrained reason, those two words together really irritate me. To “accept” something, means you are settling, and if you are settling, then that means I am “letting go”. I don’t like that, being forced to accept and let go of something, makes me very very angry.

The topic I spoke about in yesterday’s blog Working ThroughThe Chaos The idea of Accepting someone’s behavior and Letting Go what the results are no longer makes me cry, it has for years, now I am  angry. So we discussed about changing the word Letting Go to Forgiving.

Image Image

The above photos show the quadrants as we worked with them today. I tried to get them in one frame, but that didn’t work out so well. This gives a basic understanding of how the quadrants work and what goes in them.