Daddy Says…..

Daddy has called Mama
“dog whisperer” a few times. We was wonderin’ what he meant by dat so mama asked him. 

Daddy says that mama understands animals deeper than just the surface. Hmmm, so we as a pack barked about dis and we all agreed. Mama does have dis special way of understanding all animals. She always seems to know how to lub us, she always seems to know what we all need. She is one of the bestest people when it comes to doing a rescue. She just knows what we need when we first meet. 

Before you assume that mama runs her pack by the man who is known as the “Dog Whisperer”. She doesn’t, she uses her instincts and common sense. Mama doesn’t believe in using force, she believes in using love and understanding. When we are scared, she uses her soft voice. When we are angry, she uses encouraging words and will wait things out til we aren’t angry anymore. When she is teaching us something, she uses one word commands. She isn’t afraid to come down to our level whether it be on grass or in dirt and  play with us; she sits up with us at night when we aren’t ourselves. She loves to give cuddles and snuggles, never worries if we get dog hair on the bed.

May you all be blessed to have someone who lubs you as much as our mama does.