Automatic Thoughts

I have been watching an episode of Dr. Phil today. His topic was on people whose perception of themselves is not what they see. During the show, Dr. Phil talked about “Automatic Thoughts”.  He said that Automatic Thoughts are words that have been ingrained in your brain that you can probably say them to yourself perhaps 30 times a day. But when they are ingrained, it can be said 10,000 a day.

I watched as a 15 year old girl struggles to not believe that she’s fat, that’s she’s ugly, that she doesn’t belong here, that her mother doesn’t love her. I was watching my life. I had told my boyfriend as he was watching it with me, that this young girl is talking about me.

After Dr. Phil did some one on one work with her, he guided her to the middle of the stage and asked the audience if she had suffered long enough and if so to clap. He asked his wife, Robin why she stood up. Robin said that she feels this young girl is precious, that she is beautiful and that she can be anything she wants to be. After she spoke, Dr. Phil says to his wife, “You want to hug her, don’t you”. Robin replied “yes, I have wanted to since she came on stage”.

When I saw that happen, the only thing that came to my mind was although Robin’s hug probably felt amazing, I couldn’t help but feel that all she really wanted was her mother’s love to be shown to her. To feel her mother’s hugs and reassurance that she is loved and wanted. Ok, perhaps that is my personal feeling versus the girl’s but I really didn’t get that impression that I was far off.

After the show, I went to and looked up the links discussed. I found one on Body Dysmorphic Disorder as well as Eliminating your Negative Dialogue. The link to this is

I am really wondering if I will ever be able to erase my negative thoughts.