This is worth the read! For the first time in my life, when other areas have started to slowly make sense, this blog comes along and BAM its like reading another piece of my puzzle is starting to finally have a home. I look forward to learning more.

Tackling BPD

All children are programmed to trust adults. This makes perfect sense as children are dependent on adults for all their needs for a long time. But unfortunately we don’t live in a perfect world – not everyone who has responsibility for a child is up to the job, and even very good parents inevitably make mistakes. If you were mistreated as a child in any way – abused physically, sexually or emotionally or had your feelings and experiences invalidated it would be natural for you to think that you were the one at fault. And of course, we know that the nastiest abusers take advantage of that tendency by explicitly blaming the child and provoking even more feelings of guilt.

So as a child if you are being made to suffer by an adult it is normal to assume that it is your fault – maybe there’s something wrong with you? Are…

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