Its a good thing I said NO!

Last week I received a call from an intake nurse at a hospital where the program I want to take is being held at. I’ve already met with the psychiatrist who is running the program, and he said I meet the criteria and now it is just a matter of a spot opening up for me.

The intake nurse said she was calling me to say she is cancelling my “intake application.” I said, no you can’t if you do that I won’t be able to take the program with Dr. H! I’ve already met him, met the criteria and now I’m just waiting for my time to enter into the loop. She said by cancelling me just means I won’t be in the system. I said “again”. Look if you remove me, you are taking me out of the system in being able to take this program! 

She said well you live in “x” and we are in “x” I said, well the mental health team here referred me and she says ‘well yes you can be referred to this program from anywhere’. I said, well that’s what occurred!

So she says she will call me back as she will look into it. She was going to fax my mental health worker (she says normally they don’t). I said what good will that do?  I waited til the end of the day to give her a chance to call; she never did.

I began to get panicky and decided to call my Mental Health worker the next day and left her a voice mail.  I went one step more and called Dr. H’s office to confirm I am indeed still in the track to start the program when a spot opens up. 

A couple of days later, I hear back from Dr. H’s secretary and my mental health therapist. Dr. H’s secretary said that as soon as she heard my message, she knew right away what the problem was and as she had worked at intake at one time, she said after talking to Dr. H, she was taking my entire chart, with my referral and Dr. H’s conclusions to intake herself. 

My mental health worker called me to say that she was pleased I told the intake worker NOT cancel my intake application. Apparently someone named J made a huge mistake by rejecting my form!! My mental health worker said she went right to the head of the department and spoke to a woman named S who said that everything will be ok and I will indeed still be taking the group. I believe it is called Progress (not 100% sure on that).

In a nut shell it is a 16 week group, 3 mornings a week. It is apparently very intense wherein it is not unusual for repressed memories. I had that happen before and it scared the crap out of me! I understand why the brain blocks trauma, however, I can’t grow and move past demons if the trauma isn’t broken.

Government and politics don’t mix with mental health at all!