Sean – I kept my promise

Its hard to believe this weekend is here, your birthday is St. Patrick’s Day. To many a normal day of celebratory green drinks of ale and green shirts. 

This morning I saw a post from your brother, who also shares your birthday albeit 6 years apart. Your mom had put in a tribute to you in our local paper, so eloquently spoken that I can hear Auntie’s voice, through her tears as she reads aloud the words she has written in your honor.  I can hear your father, a prominent member of our town, but at heart a father who at times is bewildered at the little things that remind him of you. Not to be forgotten ever, is your other brother, who is quiet but has so much to say with his quiet. He hurts, he feels, he sees and hears all that this mental illness has cost his family. 

To your extended family, cousins, aunts, we all feel your presence, yet feel sadness. 

I am sharing what I wrote this morning on FB as a tribute to you:

  •  Sean, I’ve kept my promise and for the last year I have spoken loudly and proudly about mental illness and how we need more support and understanding from not just our government, but from people from all walks of life. To removing the shame and judgments associated with having Bipolar or Borderline Personality. Not to be forgotten are Depression, Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Social Anxiety, the list goes on. To the unspoken mental illnesses that people can’t see because they are not visible. My work is not done Sean, I will continue with blogging and I am hoping to get into volunteering so that others know that there is someone, like us, who is there for them. My heart is heavy, but I must keep going forward as my own mental illness and journey to wellness will always be ongoing. I love you my sweet friend, and will honor you and your strengths. To Ryan, you and I have shared and grown in connection as cousins and as family. I thank Sean for that as I do our family.



5 thoughts on “Sean – I kept my promise

  1. What a lovely tribute, both the writing and the work you are doing. I’m so sorry for your loss and the pain you continue to feel. I hope a few things happen over the weekend that bring a smile in remembrance.

  2. So very sorry for your loss. If every person who’s battled a mental illness was GONE – wiped away from history and present day life, our world would be so much poorer.

    Thanks you for battling on. Someday, as long as people continue to speak out, we may get there.

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