Psychiatrist appointment

I was referred to a psychiatrist probably close to 6 months ago. Today the date finally arrived.

I met with him today. 

He seems like an ok man lol!, asked the typical questions and wants to see me in 2 weeks. We are leaving my medication at present because I just emailed him my medication list that I have been on and the ones that have given me problems in the past. He said that based on our 45-1 hour discussion he feels I have:

1. Social Anxiety
2. Major Depressive Disorder
3. Body Dis-morphia 
4. BPD – he wants my letter from the other specialist I saw who diagnosed me with it, so I emailed it to him.

At the moment he said he sees me dealing with MDD (major depressive disorder). I did share with him my issues with anger, easily irritated, very forgetful, dis associative (I drove somewhere last week, and didn’t even know if I turned down the right street! My brain was completely blank. This is not the first time this has happened to me. 

We talked about group therapy, the types I’ve done and how I feel frustrated that anytime  a life event that happens, that any and all coping skills don’t stay or I don’t remember them. 

As to what his purpose will serve. I’m not sure other than perhaps some one on one, which is covered by our medical system (thank goodness), may be that may help. I’m really not sure. 

It is unsettling to see the list above. I used to say I struggled with depression and anxiety. To see them laid out as they are, makes me feel really uncomfortable.