Self Soothing

Today in group, one of the therapists asked a patient what does she do to soothe herself when life becomes to stressful as this person relies on her mother, father, friends and hubby to go to. This got me thinking on what do I do when I need to self soothe. 

For me, I enjoy being around nature the most. I love walking in the park that has trails. I enjoy touching the trees or in the summer time, feel the grass between my toes. I also love to be near the ocean and am glad I can drive to the ocean if I really need to. 

The person said she felt that when she is at the height of a panic attack she can’t think of anything other than the feeling of being overwhelmed in emotions combined with the words that are in her head. 

I can understand this because when I become triggered whether it be rage or panic, it is hard to focus on the moment and regroup. 

We also talked about “why me” when we feel totally overwhelmed. I mentioned that for me, because of my past with domestic violence, I no longer ask “why me”. I actually say out loud to my higher power “what lesson are you wanting me to learn?” I find that by doing this, it helps me to remove the victim role because if I don’t then I sink deeper into the bad emotions, where I don’t want to go any lower than I have been. 

I know there are tools that I have implemented into my life and have no idea why I have or where they have come from. Some read before bed, I play solitaire on my android. I also turn down the lights, turn down the tv before I settle down for the night. These are pretty much routine for me and find that they soothe my mind into knowing that it is bedtime and that it is time to rest. Now I realize that there are many a time where sleep doesn’t come easy for me and I will have the tv on low, but normally not on the news say after 10pm. We often will watch comedies because I have learned I would like to go to sleep with happy thoughts. 

What do you do when you need to self soothe? 



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  1. I drink some coffee, I’ll write, I’ll talk to someone, I’ll even just take a nap to help me relax. At work, when I’m alone and need to self-soothe, I’ll take my Tablet to the bookstore, sit down, and just proofread my novel, sometimes do social media. I’ll even sometimes buy sweets–if money allows.

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