Anxiety or Mania?

I think I may be in a form of mania. I’ve always wondered but have never known for sure.

I injured my pectoral muscle yesterday morning while moving bags of manure for my garden. Went to group, came home and continued with more chores. That evening I took 3 ibuprofen so 600mgs to take the discomfort away.

This morning, I got up, did more yard work, blew out the carpet with my blower, lost my balance and fell against my stairs on the same side as my pectoral issue, organized other things outside. Then inside I did laundry, hung blankets on my clothing rack, swept floors, folded other pieces of laundry. Fed and let dogs out. Gave meds to foster dog.

Been in a lot of discomfort but I have been feeling anxious that if I don’t do all this stuff, none of it will get done. Even when I told myself I need to stay off my feet, I would find reasons to get up and do something.

I now have an ice pack on my shoulder/pec area. *sigh* 

Oh and I am in the middle of making a roast dinner, veggies and potatoes, with the ice pack on! 



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    Maybe this list will help me. I remember when I felt less trapped and used to cherish my times at home. Now I panic when I am alone wondering “what should I do???” It’s scary. I wonder if I will ever have my love of being alone back, without the recurring anxious thoughts that plague my mind.

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