I am certain I won’t be attending group tomorrow morning. I won’t have any gas and I don’t have any gas money. The boyfriend doesn’t have any and he is out of town. Someone who does owe me money, I’ve not heard back from and the one other friend I could go to, I didn’t have the heart to speak to her about it. Especially with knowing she is also having her own financial issues.

So I feel frustrated and disappointed. A lot of negative behaviors of what I’ve done in the past to make ends meet come to mind. I’ve been known to steal, I’ve been known to sell stuff to pawn shops, and other things; but I’m trying really hard to not go down that road. 

The appointment I am most concerned with is my psychiatrist, which is tomorrow versus the usual every 2nd Thursday. 

What the hell am I going to do? 



4 thoughts on “Finances

  1. Is there any way that you can take public transportation? Even if you feel bad about asking your other friend, it may still be worth a shot. You could always pay her back and considering she’s your friend, it’s quite possible that despite what’s going on in her own life with her financials that she won’t mind helping you out.

    1. Public Transport isn’t an option as I don’t have any bus tickets or passes. I only drive. I did send a message to my g/f, the one I didn’t want to ask and I sent 2 more messages to my other friend. Desperation and panic have set in..

  2. Do you have a Worker you can approach for Transit/Transporation Assistantice? Perhaps a crisis asisst? It maxes at $20 yet that might do for gas and parking… just some thoughts…

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