One Road Finishes; The Other Opend

Thursday is my last day at my interprocess group therapy. 18 weeks of weekly 90 minute sessions, 3 days a week. I’ve experienced challenges on my thoughts, behaviors that have been tested and suggestions given.

Now, i’ve started to go on outings, not related to appointments. I’ve been able to go 3 hours before I become anxious about being far from home.

I’ve just confirmed my next program starts September 26. I feel better knowing I have something lined up.

My mood medication seems to be helping, which does give me optomism.

I’ve not had use if my laptop and it has really made updating my blog frustrating. Tonight i’m blogging with my android and I find it really slows me down. I know I really miss blogging and will have to utilize other ways to keep my blogging up to date.


5 thoughts on “One Road Finishes; The Other Opend

  1. i am glad your medications seem to be helping and that you are making progess with your anxiety. is it another interprocess therapy you have coming up in september or something different?

    1. the next step for me is entering a day treatment program for my eating disorder. The structure if the groups seems various, but I do get a sense some will be similar to the inter process group.

      1. that must be a big step for you to get help for your eating disorder. i got the sense from previous posts that you’ve been reluctant to seek help for it. please tell me if i am wrong. i hope you can beat the food thought patterns and behaviours that make your disorder.
        i wish you all the best

        1. I have been reluctant. to open 30 years of something you have held to your core, is not easy, but I have to in order to truly heal.

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