Next Steps

It has been one week since I finished my process group. I have been occupied, so I haven’t noticed the difference, that is, until today. I feel empty that I’ve not been able to work on the things I know still need working on. 

I am scheduled to start the Eating Disorder Program at the end of September. I am also on the waiting list for the next phase of the Dialectical Behavior Program. The list is quite long and probably at least 6 months waiting. 

I hope I am able to continue to grow and heal. Right now, I feel lost and sad, and am telling myself that this will pass, that it is temporary but it sure doesn’t feel like it. I’ve been really feeling overwhelmed and have been lashing out. I know that my sleep has been interrupted with night sweats and hot flashes, which doesn’t help at all.  Plus my boyfriend has been working nights and when he comes home it is early hours between 6 and 7 am when I am just going back to bed after feeding my dogs and cats.