In Patient

I saw my psychiatrist (in his office) last Thursday. We meet every two weeks for medication check and just to see how I am doing. He noticed right away that I look tired. I said that I have been having troubles with broken sleep, feeling overwhelmed and just generally miserable. 

He asked me if I would consider going into hospital for 10 to 14 days. Dr. M said that it would be next week (so this week), til I could get a bed, but he feels that I could get some much needed rest and my medications can be better monitored and if it is decided I am not on the right one, it can be figured out better there. 

My problem is I know it takes longer than about 14 days to figure medications out. I also know that there has been advancement in medication for mental illness whereby some aren’t taking months before you know for sure that they are indeed working. 

My other problem is I hate taking sleeping medication, especially in hospital! Most of them give me a drug hang over and for me it is at least it doesn’t wear off til bout 2pm. So that means all of my morning is wasted on being foggy and hazy. Plus, if I am meeting with the psychiatrist, I won’t be alert and I do not want to give them reason to keep me longer. 

Thirdly, I have fur kids, many of them to be exact. While I have looked into boarding, it will be very expensive. Yes, I realize I am putting others before myself, but I do have to use my common sense here. 

Fourth, I have the program for my eating disorder starting in September and I don’t want my in patient stay jeopardize my chance to enter the program. My fear is if I have been in the hospital that I won’t be able to go to the program. I know there are some group therapy programs, that if you have been in the hospital, they won’t let you do group for a period of so many days. 

I’m supposed to meet with my psychiatrist Tuesday, next week.