Shoulder and Feet Pain

So I saw my family doctor this week. I explained my shoulder to him and my previous car accidents/martial arts exposure. He did a few tests on my arm (for resistance etc), nothing would give without pain and discomfort. 

We opted to give me a shot in the butt of Torodahl to help temporarily while I pick up the medication he is going to use on yesterday.  I also went for x-rays on my shoulder.

I have been having some issues with my feet. I have been getting numbness at the base of my right foot. My three toes specifically.  At the time of this appointment, my doctor felt confident that it is a neurological issue. It is either somewhere in my low back putting pressure on my nerves towards my foot. I asked about my weight gain and it contributing to the numbness, he said it is possible. 

I mentioned to him that I am on a weight loss program where I have removed all carbs, glutens and wheat etc. He said that was great and to keep him updated. As of this morning I am down 7 pounds :D. I had xrays of not just my shoulder but of my spine and my foot. 


——— UPDATE——

My rotator cuff has a tear in it and there is a significant calcium deposit on my shoulder bone. The reason I have radiating pain is from the rotator cuff. He did an injection of depo medoral into my rotator cuff area and where the calcum deposit is.

As for my foot. Apparently I may have what is called an avulsion fracture of my foot. He will confirm it when I see him next Friday when he has the written report. If that is the case, I will see an orthopedic specialist. From the research I have done, it appears I could be wearing a walking boot (or cast) for about 6 weeks. I will ask him to do an xray of my left now because it has been acting like my right one because of the spearing jabbing pain that feels like is coming from my heels. There is possibility of surgery (which I really h ope is not the case).
I will get through this, at least now I have some much over due answers.