Taking a bad moment and letting it go

Recently, an incident happened in my home. There was a spark that emitted from my electrical box. As you can imagine I was caught by surprised and suddenly scared. Did this mean my house would catch fire, Do we need to leave?

I instantly became angry. 3 years ago I bought my home, had it inspected, never thinking there were any problems. I should have realized when the same person who inspected it telephoned me in a panic saying that there was an inspector coming to see renovations recently done. I couldn’t understand, at first, why he was saying not to let this person into my home because if I did, the electrical wouldn’t pass inspection. I felt betrayed. Betrayed that someone who is supposed to look out for the safety of people, didn’t have the courage to say something as significant as your electrical box is not up to code.

Fast forward to this incident.

I am very thankful that my husband, someone who works worth electricity in his job, was able to review everything, decide what needed to be done and take care of it.

My husband and I talked about this situation and the possibilities of why I wasn’t told this situation sooner. For another person’s viewpoint I can see what he was saying, but the person inside of me, who has been continually let down,  has felt ignored and abandoned, didn’t. 

The one thing my husband said that has me writing this blog is that it is important for me to move past the anger. For me, anger is  not welcome in my world. It has held so much of my life that, I don’t have room for the new spots where healing has been taking place.

This is called Radical Acceptance. Radical Acceptance is when you accept that sometimes moments and situations happen and as much as I want to stay angry and feel the victim, it is important that I don’t. Sometimes you just have to accept the moment as it is, and let it go.

Its not easy, and I am learning that emotional involvement clouds a lot of decisions when the past feelings try to come up and take over the real moment.