Today I saw my therapist, I hadn’t seen her in a few months, mostly due to the group work I have been doing and the psychiatry appointments I’ve had with working on my medication.

She commented that I seemed much more calm; the last time she saw me, she said I was wound up very tight and agitated. She also noticed when we were talking about my husband going out of town and I agreeing with him going, that before I would have been very angry about him leaving me. I commented that I still struggle with this but I think the reason it was easier this time is because he was closer than when he goes to Texas. As she said, if there was an emergency he could come home quicker.

We spoke about what medications I am and how I was feeling on them. Do I feel stable on them? I thought about it and I “think” I do. I don’t feel like my anger/rage is as intense as it was. I don’t feel numb, like I did months ago. My husband and now my therapist say that I don’t appear as manic as I was.

Progress is good, now I’m just figuring out other emotions and how to deal with them. Being numb for as long as I have, there is so much I don’t remember what feels like what.


Growth and Healing