Full Moon and Manic

Yep, I’ve been manic and boy could I feel it.

For starters I feel asleep before taking my meds at night, so when I woke up I was already in fine form. Hubby says I become very scattered and I will have many projects on the go literally all at once.  I also want to spend money and shop! I can find any reason to shop.

I did call my pharmacist to ask what to do with my medication I missed and they gave me the instructions. Fine all is right with the world, or so I thought.

I was in high drive motor moving all day, I couldn’t sit still. Every time I tried, I would suddenly get up and clean something. My voice also raises and I am yelling. Tell me this isn’t all from a full moon that showed its head Thursday evening and continued through to early dawn’s light.

Today I feel a “little” better, but still “off”. Not sure when the crash will come.

Have you had a manic episode with a full moon?