I have recently observed something in myself.

When I become overwhelmed and uncomfortable, I pull out my cell and play solitaire. Yes, it distracts me from being in the present moment, yes it stops me from figuring out why I am feeling uncomfortable and yes, I know it cuts me off from talking to people. I am the same with animals, if they are super friendly, I become engrossed with them, and cut out everything around me.

Its very hard to be present in a difficult situation. I’ve also been one to shy away in social situations and find a place where it is quiet, no one else around me. Do you do that?

I struggle with….

Anxious / on edge

Vulnerable / under the spotlight
Self conscious / out of place
Physical Symptoms

Face goes red (blushes)
Butterflies in stomach / stomach churns
Heart races
Voice goes shaky / body trembles
Dizzy / light headed
Breathing changes

I have nothing interesting to say, I’m boring

Everyone is staring at me
People can tell how anxious I am
I’ll stammer / I’ll blush
I mustn’t look anxious
I look and sound stupid


Behaviour Patterns

You avoid social situations

You make a quick exit from social situations

You stay in the background or hide away
You stay quiet to not make a fool of yourself
You always take a friend with you
You drink alcohol for courage beforehand
I went and read over the above from this site http://www.moodjuice.scot.nhs.uk/shynesssocialphobia.asp.