How Has Social Media Changed You?

I was thinking about where I would be without social media. Sure “back in the day” I passed notes in class as the teacher was writing on the chalk board; or in typing class as I was learning the keys would type a message. Writing is something I think I have always done in one way or another. But I’ve also crumpled up a lot of it too.

Social Media, has helped me and in the very beginning led me down a path of hell. I felt like I could hide behind the screen and say what I wanted and not have to own the words. Now, as I learn to live with a mental illness with medication and therapy, I am better able to own my actions and take responsibility for the consequences of the words that would have spewed out of my mouth. 

Twitter I don’t use a whole lot, I find it one dimensional. I’m learning about Instagram, but again its just another outlet for pictures and such. Tumbler, I could go on etc.

In terms of reaching people in sharing my blog, social media has helped a lot and it has shown how far we have come, yet, I’d still give a moment to pass that note in class.




One thought on “How Has Social Media Changed You?

  1. I do find myself at odds with social media. On one hand, I’m not sure that everyone is putting their most authentic self forward. On the other, it’s helped me reconnect with old friends (and new) and hear a different side of them I might not know in real life. I’m stopping by from the SITS tribe and looking forward to reading more!

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