Why Am I Burned Out

Winter is not just hard with the lack of sunshine, it is also very hard with lack of sleep. The pattern for me looks like this lack of sleep means:

Situation —>Thoughts—>Emotions—>Behavior

I make poor choices because of the mid insomnia and therefore my behavior reacts to those choices.

I’ve had my meds altered and there has been improvement, however, the full nights sleep has not. I’ve gone back to Zumba because I love it, however, my obsessions with my body resurface and trying to find a spot to stand where there isn’t a mirror is not always easy.

I have continued to improve my eating, however, I have realized that when I’m tired, I eat sugar based foods. Doing so means I sabotage my weight loss goal and the scale reflects. So if you look above the Situation is I’m tired, the thought is “need something to keep me awake” the emotion is “defeat” the behavior is eating sugary foods (chocolate, ice cream, etc).  It’s a vicious cycle.

Trick is, how do I become balanced?



8 thoughts on “Why Am I Burned Out

  1. Hi, I also seem to have changed my sleeping pattern and when I go to bed late I cannot sleep. Although I have always considered myself a night person, I feel so tired going to bet at 3 am and even if I have my eight hours “sleep” I still feel so tired.

    What it has been helping was stopping on the computer earlier and do something relaxing like a bath, talk to my long suffering husband.

    Regarding the weight loss, just take baby steps and change your behavior. I successfully lost weight last year and I am maintaining it but I had attempted so many times before.

    Good luck

    1. Thank you Liliana for your kind words and insight. I used to be quite the “night owl” as well. Now the problem is I can fall asleep around 10-10:30 but wake up at 2 or 3 and sometimes I fall back to sleep and other times I don’t.

      As for the weight loss I’ve dropped 24 1/2 pounds in just about 6 months. However, combined with the above, I do feel like I have been sabotaging my success because of my own self value.

  2. I wonder if maybe you have slipped off course of your true destiny, but perhaps sickness has more to do with it than that. I do hope you find the answer to getting more sleep. Sometimes Magnesium can help… sending a hug 🙂

    1. Susan, thank you for the tip on the Magnesium :). I saw my acupuncturist yesterday and it helped quite a bit. So I am going to continue with this path until the time comes to change it. As my body tells me.

  3. Insomnia is a thief. I’ve dealt with sleep problems off and on for years. If you can slay that dragon, so many other things will become balanced as a result. At least you are trying to work on it, that’s a big part of it.

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