Acupuncture helps my Bipolar

I struggle with sleep and with lack of sleep creates mid insomnia, the chaos goes on and on. I have recently noticed that with returning to acupuncture, it has been helping to quieten my mind, thereby quieting my stress and the behaviors that follow.

I have just gone back to seeing my acupuncturist twice a week now. My body is not in sync and it is important that it is. What this means is my bowels are constipated and when I’m exhausted I want sweets and other chemically laden foods that I normally would never eat.

I’ve also learned today that there is a point on my body that when flared I become very cold, which means I want a hot chocolate (because we are in Winter); hot chocolate has sugar in it. This all plays with my mental illness.

I find all this learning amazing because my body has been in a state of chronic pain, which means that it will take a while to get the symptoms to reverse; but it is absolutely possible. I do see results and the trick is to quieten my mind so my body can do its own work.

The reason acupuncture helps my bipolar is it quietens my mind and it helps reduce my stress.




11 thoughts on “Acupuncture helps my Bipolar

  1. Thank you for your awesome writingskills and eye opening posts sure helps me to understand more about BP..hugs my friend

    1. Thank you Darchelle! I promised myself and my now deceased cousin that I would share because if informing is what saves a life, then informing it shall be. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. glad you found something that helps. never tried that, am a bit of an insomniac too lol, dont have bipolar, but do have did, ptsd, depression, and panic disorder and an ed. If you’d like you can request access to our private blog. xxx

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