My Self Critic is Angry!

Last night after posting about opening my Pandora’s Box which you can read here in case you haven’t, I experienced an incredible amount of anxiety and emotion.

“ED” (short for eating disorder and this is how I will refer to him from now on) is mad (and I say that politely) because he has been “outed”. I could hear him yelling at me that “he has been there for me since about the age of 12 when no one else was and this is what I do to him?” Over and over,  I walked up and down the hallway of my home, saying “go away” and yet I knew ED is mad.

I started to experience anxiety symptoms, a knot in the pit of my stomach grew, my hands shook, I became warm and just wanted this feeling to go away.

My spouse was home so he was incredibly supportive as is my dog, Blaze. He just senses and knows when I really need him. When I went to sit down on our bed, he laid between my legs and he just stayed there, knowing I needed him. When he sensed I was in a better place, he put himself to bed in his kennel.

Today I woke up feeling very tired, which makes sense because I didn’t sleep very well. My stomach has been feeling not well either. I suspect it is all to do with yesterday.  I also called my therapist, she said that I had a huge day yesterday. She also said that ED likes secrets that is how he thrives! So it makes sense ED is mad at me.

I am to be kind to myself today, to feel whatever emotion that comes up and to not stuff them down. That’s hard, because I have always been seen as “strong”.





4 thoughts on “My Self Critic is Angry!

  1. You are not alone..ED is a scumbucket and you are on to him..He is trying to win you back..but YOU are the WINNER..he can go to hell..XO

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