Situational Environment

Ever have a period in your life where the routine is just where you want it to be and then you forget to take your medication. This happened to me one night last week. I was completely baffled and the reason I know is because I have my meds in blister packs which makes it much easier for me to know if I have taken them or not. Then on Saturday night we went out and I got drunk (something I don’t do anymore and haven’t in over 3 years and of course I didn’t take my night meds. I’ve only been drunk with mate in our relationship on other time. I’m feeling troubled this isn’t normal behavior and wonder if my Eating Disorder is behind this?

I did discuss this with my mate he did mention that he felt angry because it triggered his past, which for me was very insightful. He said that if this were to be a habit, we wouldn’t be together. But for only 2 times in over 3 years, he is not upset at all.

I know for me we were out and in an environment that I am so familiar with, sex, drugs, etc., that it brought out the “old” me. Saw a lot of people I hadn’t in a while, loved that, but I think it triggered a lot of my former lifestyles all into one. When I say lifestyles I mean partying, binging, a lot of instability but it used to be a world that I knew so very well. 

I enjoyed the rush of hugs from people etc., but I didn’t miss the excessive alcohol.

Has that ever happened to anyone? 




4 thoughts on “Situational Environment

  1. I have never experienced this kind of situation myself, but I do have a friend who faces a similar situation and the pull of the past is always there. Thanks for sharing your experience and thoughts.

  2. Thank you for sharing, I think it is sometimes easy to slip back in to old ways, even though we might not have lived that way in a long long time. I seldom drink or smoke but I know when I am with old friends, that there is the urge to do something I wouldn’t normally do.


    1. Thank you Beth for commenting. You are so right, its just not a way of life anymore and hasn’t been for a long time. Just a very vulnerable feeling.

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