Self Injury Awareness Day 2014

ImageThis is my second year writing about sharing the importance of making March 1 – Self Injury Awareness Day.

Many aren’t aware of this day and its importance and there are those that may be misinformed into thinking it is only about self harm as in *trigger warning* cutting and the like. I am going to attach a picture of the many ways a person self harms; I can say that I’ve self harmed for a very long time and I am in recovery, its going to take me awhile to recover because many of my behaviors I have been doing since I was a child.

I’d like to introduce you to the picture, this the first one I’ve ever seen that has displayed the many different ways a person self harms and how many do today and don’t even know they are.


ImageThank you for use of your photo

Upon review, I can see many of my self harming behaviors on this chart. Its sad but I am hopeful for recovery, even though I know you never fully recover, you do however, become much more aware of your behaviors that may trigger if not paying attention to the cues.


5 thoughts on “Self Injury Awareness Day 2014

  1. I’ve never seen that graphic before – it is definitely very informative. Like you, I can see many of my self harm behaviors on the chart. I have almost completely stopped the last harmful behavior of mine, but I have managed to control the others. I was also unaware that March 1 was self-harm awareness day; I’ll have to remember to put that on my calendar for next year!

    1. Laura, I’m glad this graphic showed you, as it has me, my self harm behaviors. I am happy to hear you will mark March 1 on your Calendar next year!

  2. I was aware of people who self- harmed at school. It’s so sad. Awareness must be raised!

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