What to Process

I know for weeks now I’ve not written a blog. I know I’ve thought about it and pushed it aside, feeling like I have nothing to write, even if it is for my own personal growth. 

I’m in an Anxiety Group that just started last week. Its early, but so far its been helpful to talk to other people who have or having experienced what fears are with leaving your house, wanting to go to social events and just have a life. There are many avenues to Anxiety and I am just learning a few that truly show me what I experience. 

I have also been having one on one sessions of Integrated Healing. I have found this form of therapy to be incredibly helpful in tapping to my soul. I’m working with my inner child, last session she really made it known how mad she gets…. we will keep working with her. 

I started back with my eating disorder group – skills program about 3 weeks ago. I’ve been really feeling challenged with this because of my black and white thinking. I’ve worked really hard to lose weight and now many months later my will and desire to see this through has me not caring. The choices I know are mine to take and mine to process, yet in the moment when I binge it really doesn’t matter until I step on the scale, only then do I see where my responsibility lays. Oh I know people say the numbers don’t mean anything, but if that weren’t true, then why are scales made? 

My brain is all over right now, scattered one minute and then flat the next. 


3 thoughts on “What to Process

  1. This expresses exactly how I feel sometimes, but I push through it and I know you can too! It helps to talk to people, but unless they’re experiencing the same thing as you — it is hard for them to give you great insight.

    May your journey be filled with inspiration to change and the will to see it through! Hugs… I’m with you!

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