Bipolar and the Moon

I’ve noticed over the years, I act differently when there is a full moon, or when we are leading up to a full moon. Well today is called a “SuperMoon”.  

The last couple of days I have been very restless, nothing seems to hold my attention, my emotions are short fused and generally feeling annoyed easily.

Being Bipolar, I often would hear growing up “look out for the crazy people, there is a full moon out tonight”. Now I’m that “crazy” person, yet I know I am logically not “crazy”, but that sentence sticks with me. I dislike the stigma associated with mental illness. I realize that these last couple of days I’m sure many people are dealing with things like I am and are feeling similar feelings. 

There have been a trio of Supermoons this year and today’s is the last. They started in July, what this means is the moon looks very bright and to me it seems larger. 

I’ve chosen to blog as a way to get the feelings of anxiety and an overload of energy out of me and onto something positive. I also wanted to blog as a way to let others know they aren’t alone with their feelings surrounding this Supermoon and when there is a full moon. 

Supermoon 2014 September