Narrow-mindedness and Mental Illness

I’ve had to deal with the narrow-mindedness of people the last couple of days regarding everything you can think of. However, when someone throws in my personal mental health and toss words around like “padded room” and “sectioned” my back really gets up. Clearly, when someone hears that you have a mental illness or your mental health, even in today’s day and age, the assumption is we and I use it as a collective term, are lumped into one big box. This is wrong.

I’ve had to remind myself to look at the source, to remember how far I’ve come in my mental illness, that I am “not” my mental illness. Am I frustrated and disappointed? Definitely, but what this shows me is that more work needs to be done in educating people. In my situation, this wasn’t local, it was overseas, where lack of information and educating people are still happening. That the spite in people to throw one’s health around like it is a ball is mind boggling and beyond disrespectful.

I am not weak and if people think that this is a way to attack me, this won’t work. My confidence is high and my stubbornness is strong. I’ve been a fighter for my rights for as long as I can remember, trust me, if people wish to use something against me only shows their lack of credibility and education as well as how afraid they are as human beings. images (6)


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