My voice to those who have been bullied

In my blog recently I spoke about dealing with the mindset of those who are determined to undermine and belittle myself because of having a mental illness. I have since had to report the person to Facebook for threatening me publicly and now privately.

I have had to resort to my coping skills, Mine are more to do with nature and with my animals. Right now I have this strong instinct to get outside, go to my local off leash park with my dog and walk the various trails, embracing and touching the fallen leaves, reminding us that Fall is not far from us. Or to hear the ground crunch underneath my runners, to listening to the birds sharing conversations with one another. Sometimes I will see horses adjacent to the trails, or riders with their horses, sharing our path together, feeling like we are one.

I’ve lived with and deal with depression, anxiety, bipolar and borderline personality. I have done far too much work on myself, even on my darkest days, to let people attempt to think I am weak and can be abused and taken advantage off. Even worse when it is someone who believes they are apart of your family.

Last I checked family supports one another, not tear one another down.


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