Pushing Through

It certainly has been one very tough week emotionally for me. I definitely feel drained and to the point of barely keeping my eyes open, yet I know if I do go for that nap, I will pay for it later.

I have been working on my weight and trust me as someone with an eating disorder, this is not an easy task, but I keep moving forward. I’ve resumed taking my dogs, I have 3 of them, for long walks. Now where I live, which is mostly rural, you can see wildlife from time to time. Yesterday on my walk with my one dog, 2 deer came out from a persons yard and literally bounced into the neighbors yard. This of course caused my dog to panic as she has clearly never seen any wildlife! Let me tell you, I had my work cut out for me as I had to calm her down lol!

Today I took my other dog for the same walk, however, there were no deer or coyotes, lol. The thing is he grew up on a farm that we lived on, so he would rather chase it lol!

This morning, I randomly tried on a pair of jeans that I’ve not worn in many, many months. They fit! There is still a bit of snug to them, but given all I have had going on, I really thought I would have slid backwards in my exercise and food choices!

What this week has taught me is that not all my food choices were “bad”, that I have been coping and using coping skills to help with the stressful situations and that I am a survivor.

  • Self-growth
  • I am getting better every day.
  • I take risks and open up to others.
  • I accept and make changes in my growth.
  • I like setting goals for myself.
  • I find each day challenging and exciting.



6 thoughts on “Pushing Through

  1. I, too, am trying to get fit with a history of an eating disorder, so I can totally relate to the struggle of wanting to be healthy and yet being really cautious so to not trigger the eating disorder. It’s definitely caused anxiety for me. I’m scared of relapsing, but I do have weight to lose.

  2. Hey Sharon

    As someone who is also recovering from an eating disorder, I completely empathize with you.

    I was hospitalized multiple times for Anorexia. Although my weight is back to normal, I deal with emotional issues every minute! 😦 It is exhausting, enervating and extremely distressing.

    Thank you so much for opening your heart #CUSHIESTHUGSSS

    Glad to have connected with you

    Much love

  3. Thank you for sharing your experiences, it is an encouragement, it shows that you are human,and humans are not perfect, we fall some days but don’t stay there we rise up and keep going.

  4. It’s always great to read about people challenging themselves and succeeding! I have to say that getting into a healthy routine is a key, and taking care of active pets is definitely up there on the list.

    1. It really is about figuring out what works best for you and how you can incorporate it into your life. I think about everyone from long distance runners and how they must use running to push through all that causes them stress.

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