New Behaviors to Help Create Self Forgiveness

1000577_576717772369616_1743973665_nI hope you all have been finding what I have written this last week helpful for you. I know I have, as it helps me to share with you and it also helps me to work more with reminding myself of the healthy tools needed to help create Self Forgiveness.

In order to forgive yourself, you need to practice:

  • Letting go of past hurt and pain
  • Understanding of the need you were trying to meet with the action at the time
  • Trusting in your worth
  • Letting go of fears of the future
  • Allowing yourself to be vulnerable to growth
  • Taking a risk
  • Letting go of self hostility, resentment and self-destructive behaviors

Working out your self anger:

  • Overlooking slight relapse or steps backward and getting back on the wagon of recovery immediately
  • Developing a personal spirituality
  • Developing an openness to the belief that you can change
  • Developing trust in yourself
  • Developing openness and honesty with yourself concerning hurts, pains and offenses experienced
  • Identifying and replacing the irrational beliefs that block your ability to forgive yourself, spending time in front of a mirror using this script

Follow Up:

  • Address one at a time all the past or present incidents of hurting self or others for which you need to forgive yourself
  • When you have exhausted your list of incidents for which you need self-forgiveness, you will be on the road to self-recovery
  • If you have problems in the future, bring out his exercise and repeat it

I feel a sense of calm while typing this out. A chance to see and believe that inside I am a worthwhile person, that I am worthy of self forgiveness. I’ve carried a lot of anger in my life, and while not 100% eradicated, I am beginning to see that by coming back and using this script I give myself the opportunity to grow and learn.

Tomorrow I will share on what the Self Forgiveness Mirror Script is, make sure to come and read it. You will be glad you did.


8 thoughts on “New Behaviors to Help Create Self Forgiveness

  1. It’s important to forgive yourself. It’s so easy to bury yourself in a pit, otherwise. I know when I’ve made mistakes, the recriminations ruminate in my head. I have to just let go and stop dwelling on what I did wrong.
    Thanks for this post!

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